In his capacity as head of the tax department of a multinational law firm (one of the biggest in the world) with presence in Colombia (where he worked until November, 2015), we highlight his role in the following transactions:

  • Tax planning, due diligence and tax consultancy related to the acquisition of Nivel Siete, an important Colombian technology company.
  • Tax planning for an ambitious telecommunication (tower) project in Colombia, involving expected investments for up to US$100 million.
  • Structuring of the tax scheme and advice in connection with the investment of roughly US$42 million in the free trade-zone of Tocancipa by a company devoted to industrial gases.
  • Structuring and tax planning for the entry of TVS Motor Company to the Colombian Market.
  • Successful refund of approximately USD$3 million after a proceeding and discussion with tax authorities, in favor of a major tire company with presence in Colombia.
  • Special tax counsel in an addition to a syndicate loan agreement involving several jurisdictions. The total value of this loan was US$240,000,000 and the additional value was of US$80,000,000.

Within Sebastian’s outstanding experience prior to 2014, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • As one of the members of the team that coordinated the merger of Merck and Schering-Plough in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Central America, Sebastian actively participated in the legal integration of these entities while he worked in the United States. This global merger involved assets for around US$42 billion.
  • While working in the United States, he participated in a complex transaction to incorporate a private equity fund with assets equivalent roughly to US$7.5 billion. This fund was incorporated by Resource America Inc. and CVC Capital Partners.
  • Tax planning performed in connection with the acquisition of PagosOnline by PayU Latam. So far, this acquisition has been one of the biggest in Colombia within the technology field.
  • Tax planning provided to Aero Republica (today Copa Airlines) concerning the leasing of some of its aircrafts in 2009. The lender being General Electric Commercial Aviation Services (Gecas).
  • Drafting and signing several legal opinions on Colombian taxes for virtually all industries. Within the recipients of such advisory and planning, the following companies are highlighted: ABN Amro Bank, Abocol, Alianza Valores, Almacenar, Alpina, Arroz Diana, Asocaña, Banco de Bogotá, Banco de Crédito, Banco de Occidente, Barnes de Colombia, Bimbo, Cargill, Cass Constructores, Cinecolombia, Colombit, Colvatel, Computec, Corferias, Corficolombiana, Corona, Corredores Asociados, Correval, Cosargo, Cotecmar, Covinoc, Credibanco, Datatools, Delima Mercer, DHL, ETB, Exito, Falabella, Fiducoldex, Fiducor S.A., Fiduprevisora, Florhuila, Fondo Nacional de Garantías, Gas Natural de Centro, Gases de Occidente, Gecolsa, GenerCauca, Grupo AR, Helm Trust, HSBC, Human Capital, Incauca, Ingenio la Cabaña, Inverlink, Laboratorios Bussie, Ladrillera Santa Fe, Leasing Bancoldex, Leasing Corficol, Leasing de Occidente, Leasing de Crédito, Leonisa, Metrodistrito, Occipetrol, OPAIN, PISA, Porvenir, Promigas, Protabaco, Quala, RCN Televisión, Rimax, Seguros Alfa, Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta, Terpel, Unicentro, BBVA, Fiduprevisora, Transportes Sanchez Polo, Promotora Cohen, Pil Automation, Lafise, damnificados de Premium Capital Fund, Air Liquide, Anglo American, Bridgestone, British Petroleum, BTR Colombia, Canacol Energy, Codad, Energold, Forbes Manhattan, Harvest, I am Gold, Kentz, Minera Cordoba, Pacific Rubiales, Proelectrica, YPF and State Oil, amongst others.
  • In 2006, while working at a Colombian law firm, Sebastian provided advice to JPMorgan Colombia in drafting the matrix and booklet on withholding and auto-withholding procedures, for trading of financial derivatives, bonds and other securities in Colombia.
  • As part of a legal team, in 2006 Sebastian actively participated in the advisory provided in connection with the acquisition of Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. (formerly the biggest telecommunication provider of the Country) by Telefonica S.A.
  • In 2006, while working at a Colombian law firm, Sebastian provided advice to Alianza Fiduciaria (one of the most important trustees of the country) in drafting a tax booklet. This booklet describes thoroughly all the tax effects generated by different trust businesses (private trusts, public trusts and escrows) as an operational guideline for this professional trustee.
  • Between 2004 and 2005 while working at KPMG, he advised several expatriates and executives regarding their income tax returns and fiscal situation in Colombia.
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